by Gargoyl

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Luke Roberts - Guitars, Bass, Vocals

Dave Davidson - Guitars, Bass

Josh Park - Drums


released February 13, 2019


all rights reserved



Gargoyl Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Acid Crown
Flies invading my mind
Mind swallowing light

wade with me in sulphur sands
acid crown in my hands

plunging down
in you I drown

Flies invading my mind
Eyes bleed till they dry

wastelands flow through me
power lines drag me

don’t back out now
the truth is coming out

at the centre of the disease
that is where we will wake up
at the heart of the nightmare
we wake up

source gone
all eyes turning
down cast
grey light fading
as you reach out
and if no one hears you
you can cry, laugh
but its all the same here
Track Name: Waltz Dystopia
lock your door
turn out the lights
for now you’re safe
they’ve passed you by today

you want to own and to feel loved
you’re not so sure
what flag to hold anymore

because theres no room for love here

passive men drained of dopamine
they now build pyramids
singled out genetic code of compassion and trust
and synthesize an antidote

diligent drone born in bile and sap
and hung out as an offering
a caravan of probable electrons
following a pattern of stars
find their way to god again

everything you love you must let go
every dream will fade and be forgotten
all the idles will disclose their falseness
all dreams end

use your arms
to crawl to the shore
theres not much hope
upon dry land
because theres no room for love here

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